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2016 in Review
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The fuel shed, part 1: concrete pad
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2014 & 2015
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The workshop: the finished outside
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2013: Our second year here
Building the outhouse & kitchen
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First gazebo on the sundeck

2012: Our first year here
Picking our building site
Building the workshop and sundeck
Our first woodshed

The Creek
Just a little page about our
little creek, which runs year-round

Hi everyone,

As I write this, it's April 2020 and much of society is distancing and retreating amid the COVID-19 crisis. In our Vancouver neighbourhood, you can almost see tumbleweeds rolling past our favourite breakfast spots and coffee shops. Nature is in bloom all around us though, and as the sun warms Vancouver, we know it's working on Mountainside too, melting the snow. As we get our upcountry stuff ready for the first visit of the year, which we hope will be very soon, I wanted to show you what we did last year during our voluntary self-isolation!

2019 was the rainiest year we've seen at Mountainside, bringing lots of mud, mushrooms, and frogs. We enjoyed less sunshine than in previous years, but were on the other hand spared the scorching heat and threat of wildfires of the hottest of those past years, which we still remember very well (and here's a reminder of that here).

I like that every year is different, as challenging as that can be for planning. I look forward to discovering what this year will hold, and sharing it with you again in the cooler months! :-)


Victoria & Richard, April 2020

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