Our view from the lookout at Mountainside

2017 in Review
Our newest photos!
Hot stuff! Richard's blackbox heater
Cool off! Victoria's sprinkler
Smoked out
The packrat saga continues...
The packrat saga concludes!
The new "fireplace"
The new outhouse roof
Home improvement
More creatures great and small:
   > wild things
   > mild things

2016 in Review
Victoria's welcome to our 2016 pics
The fuel shed, part 1: concrete pad
The fuel shed, part 2: the shed is done!
The new gazebo
The new outdoor shower
Nature: more of what we love
Nature: the curious pack-rat
Lillooet, part 1: a nice day
Lillooet, part 2: a nice future?

2014 & 2015
Victoria's welcome to our 2014/15 pics

The workshop: the finished outside
The workshop: new mod cons inside
Our new building site: Tier Two
The new woodshed
Making way for the Fuel Shed
Little projects, big difference
Stayin' cool in the pool
Outdoor living
Animals, caught on camera
Insects: nature's tiny jewels
Plants: petite petals to forest giants
Freaky Fungi
The Seasons
Wildfires: the greatest danger
Getting Around
Our new truck and trailer
To Paradise and back: the drive

2013: Our second year here
Building the outhouse & kitchen
Elk and bear sightings
First gazebo on the sundeck

2012: Our first year here
Picking our building site
Building the workshop and sundeck
Our first woodshed

The Creek
Just a little page about our
little creek, which runs year-round

Hi everybody!

It's March as I write this, and while spring is blowing gently through Vancouver, it's still around the corner at Mountainside. Once the snow and ice have retreated in a few weeks, we'll head north early on a Saturday morning to open up Mountainside for the spring.

So now we reflect on last year, and get excited about the coming season. I love sharing our little projects with you, and hope our photos impart some of the flavour of the place.

A few things prevented us from getting to Mountainside as much as we'd have liked to last year. A record number of wildfires in the province made the air very smoky (see Smoked out), and a change in our work lives kept us in the city more than in previous years.

To see what we did in 2017, click the links on the right to see photos by subject, or - even easier! - click "Next >>" at the bottom of each page.

Happy spring, wherever you are!

- Victoria & Richard, March 2018


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